2013 Editioral Winners

Category 12 Division 1


1st Place
The Rural View
By Bruce Stambaugh, Graphic Publications, Inc.
It’s that time of year again, and I’m not referring to the general election. A dutiful citizenry casting ballots is critical to maintaining our democracy, dysfunctional as it sometimes is. I relish a more personal season now. Read More


2nd Place
Editor’s Notebook
By Rick Palsgrove, Columbus Messenger
The handwritten words at the top of the letter read, “Somewhere in France, November 1918.”

Stephen McClish of Groveport wrote the letter to his family while he was in the trenches at the battlefront in World War I. Read More


2nd Place
Wojo’s World
By Michele Wojciechowski, East County Times


2nd Place
The Jaded Eye
by Garry Ayers, Webb Weekly


3rd Place
The Avant Gardener

By Kyle Valentini, Graphic Publications, Inc.
Tackle weeds early and often in the garden
Summer is full of warm weather activities like swimming, visiting farmers markets, grilling out, garage sales and gardening. Gardening is misleading in that what we think of as the act of cultivating and tending a garden is really just a glorified way of saying pulling weeds. Read More

Category 12 Division 2

1st Place

It’s Time for parents to Settle Down and Watch

By Patrick Taylor, East County Times


2nd Place
Death of the Death Tax in Sight

by Mike Rafferty, Webb Weekly


3rd Place
In the Wake of NSA Scandal, Where’s the Anger and Outrage?

By Patrick Taylor, East County Times

Category 12 Division 3


1st Place
Hospital fighting for custody of Amish girl
Action spurred by family’s decision to stop chemotherapy
By Allison Wood, The Post Newspapers
When Andy and Anna Hershberger decided to stop chemotherapy treatments for their daughter, Sarah, and use natural remedies like others in their Amish community had, they didn’t know they would have a court battle on their hands. Read More


2nd Place
Residents Hearing Conflicting Reports of Weber Avenue Property

By Devin Crum, East County Times


2nd Place
Loss of clinic would give uninsured, Medicaid patients fewer health care options

By Nick Sabo, Graphic Publications, Inc.
A primary care provider for Medicaid patients in Holmes County is at risk even as enrollments in the federally-backed health insurance program are expected to increase.
The Holmes County Health District’s clinic, which currently sees about 1,000 Medicaid patients per year, has recently been at the focus of budget talks between health officials and the Holmes County Board of Health. The clinic averages 2,500 patients a year, according to Holmes County Health Commissioner Dr. D.J. McFadden. The patient mix at the clinic includes the underinsured, uninsured, and those insured by Medicaid. Read More


3rd Place
City Plans to Use Eminent Domain to Destroy Dupree Studios

by Nicole Contosta, Weekly Press of Philadelphia


Honorable Mention
Church Plans To Feed The Hungry

By Francine Fulton, Engle Publishing
Food Bank Will Open In January
 Jimmy Smuda, pastor of Trinity Assembly of God in West Chester, believes that the church is not only responsible for fulfilling the spiritual needs of the community, but it should also literally feed the hungry by providing food for families in need. Read More


Honorable Mention
Homelessness on the rise in Groveport Madison area

By Rick Palsgrove, Columbus Messenger
The number of people who are homeless and living within the Groveport Madison school district boundaries appears to be growing.

“Our experience shows there is an increased number of homeless in our community, both individuals and families,” said Christine Boucher, director of the Center for Groveport Madison Human Needs (CGMHN). “While this is a problem in itself, the bigger problem is that there is no local transitional services, or even short term housing, for those experiencing a loss of home.” Read More

Category 12 Division 4

1st Place
Ken Sawyer Signing Off After 43 Years

by Lou Hunsinger, Jr., Webb Weekly


2nd Place
Loves Me, Loves Me Not
Supporting Kids Though the Ups and Downs of Friendship
By Heidi Smith Luedtke, PhD, Washington Family Magazine
Driving home, you ask your kids what happened at school today. Your son mumbles, “Nothing,” in his casual, I-dare-you-to-ask-for-more information kind of way. Before you can follow up, your daughter chimes in “I hate Maddie. She told Sarah she thinks my hair is ugly, and now Sarah won’t let me sit with them at lunch. So they’re not my friends anymore. I hate them both.” Read More


3rd Place
Essex Resident Turns 100: Lucy Ambrosetti’s Amazing Life

by Emily Blackner, East County Times


3rd Place
Forget Me Not

By Andrea Cordle, Columbus Messenger
Grove City High School senior Mason Warner was close to his grandfather, Jim Warner. As a child, Warner would walk the few blocks from his home to his grandparents’ home. He and his grandfather (Papaw) would then walk down Park Street to Graeter’s. Read More


Honorable Mention
‘We’re just passionate about this dog’
By Kristy Zurbrick, Columbus Messenger

Over the past couple of weeks, Heather Nelson, manager of King Kennels in Springfield, has welcomed a steady flow of visitors from South Charleston—all of them there to visit one dog, Blackie. Read More

Honorable Mention
20 Ways to Recharge in 20 Minutes

by Christina Katz, Washington Family Magazine
As a new mother, I definitely had my mommy meltdown moments. They snuck up on me, usually when I was endeavoring for the umpteenth time to finally get something done. That’s when my baby girl, Samantha, would start to shriek because she wanted out of her two-speed swing, or when one of our three cats would decide to hurl a hairball across the light-colored carpet, and when my lunch would explode in a muffled splat all over the inside of the microwave. Read More


Honorable Mention

Puppies Begin Service Dog Training

By Dayna M. Reidenouer, Engle Publishing

The training participants snoozed, yawned, and napped some more, while trainer Kristina Spaulding gave instructions. Thankfully, the puppies’ handlers were awake and paying attention as Spaulding introduced the humans to the first steps of raising a service dog. Read More