Regular Membership Application

Regular Membership Application

Membership Requirements:

  • Published in the Mid-Atlantic Region, including in the states of VA,WV, MD, DE, OH, PA, NJ and NY
  • 75% of published print revenue of the parent company is from free circulation publications.
  • Displays continuity of title and nature of content from issue to issue
  • Business practices conform to MACPA's Code of Ethics
  • Circulated/distributed separate and apart from any other publication

All members receive:

  • Free Subscriptions to Trade Publications such as Free Paper Publisher.
  • Automatic listing on Standard Rates and Data Service website.
  • and Online resources for you and your customers.
  • Paperchain

MACPA/MACnet Membership will also receive:

  • Ad compensation based on your circulation and publishing frequency.
  • One FREE room at our Annual Conference, a value to you of more than $275.
  • One FREE registration for you, the publisher or your representative, to our Annual Conference, a value to you of more than $200.
  • Reduced rates for all other registrations to the Annual Conferences. Our normal rate is $150. Our MACnet publisher rate is $75.
  • Additional training sessions offered to you and your employees at no charge.
  • And much more!

Code of Ethics for All Members of MACPA and MACnet

  1. Observe the highest standard of honesty in an all business and personal transactions.
  2. Advertise and publish only such circulation and distribution figures as can be satisfactorily substantiated.
  3. Advertise and publish current advertising rates, and furnish rate cards to any legitimate business firm upon request. Quote no rate which cannot be earned by any or all advertisers, and not engage in the practice known as double billing.
  4. Subscribe fully to the copyright principle, and request the copyrights of others to the same extent which we expect others to respect our own copyrights.
  5. Not knowingly permit the use of any false titles, confusing technical date, descriptions, misleading or inaccurate terms or claims in any advertising copy appearing in our paper(s).
  6. Maintain a spirit of friendly cooperation and assistance towards our fellow craftsmen, and extend a helping hand whenever possible.
  7. Continually endeavor to raise and enhance the quality level of our profession. Maintain a dignity of manner in our craft and the services connected with it, and in the appearance of our places of business and all other forms of public contact.
  8. Recognize and subscribe to the authority of the Offices and Directors of the Mid-Atlantic Community Papers Association in all matters of interpretation of the Code of Ethics.

Application for Membership
I/We, have examined the Membership Requirements and Code of Ethics of the Association, hereby make application for membership in Mid-Atlantic Community Papers Association, and submit the following information in support of my/our application:

  • a rate card
  • coverage map
  • twelve (12) copies of my publication(s) (can provide electronic publications)
  • check for appropriate membership dues
Nature of Business:
Corporation Sole Proprietor Partnership LLC*
Federal EIN #: *
Year Established *
Owner/Parent Corp.: *
Contact Name: *
Street Address: *
Mailing Address: *
City: *
State: *
Zip Code: *
Telephone Number: *
Fax Number: *
Cell Phone Number:
Email: *
Social Networks:
Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Google+
Please provide us with your Social Network addresses:
MACPA Contact Name: *
Publisher's Name(s): *
General Manager's Name:
Art Director's Name:
Business References(3)  
Name: *
Phone: *
Address: *
Name: *
Phone: *
Address: *
Name: *
Phone: *
Address: *

Membership Dues

MACPA/MACnet Membership - $150

Includes all membership benefits listed above, plus CVC Audits/Readership Surveys with the following portion paid by the Association: Weekly publications 100% of the audit paid, Twice Monthly 50% of the audit paid and Monthly 25% of the audit paid. ONLY ONE AUDIT PER PARENT COMPANY
(Audits required to participate in the network.)


MACPA Membership Only - $300

Includes only membership benefits listed under All Members section above. Audits and other benefits will be available at Association cost and will be paid by the member.

Publication Name:

Establish Date of Publication: *


Weekly Twice Weekly Twice Monthly Monthly*
Type of Publication:
Shopper - more than 80% advertising
Community Newspaper - more than 30% news
Specialty Paper - focusing towards a particular audience of readers*
% of Advertising: *
% of Editorial: *
Additional Publication  
Publication Name:
Established Date of Publication:
weekly twice weekly twice monthly monthly
Type of Publication:
Shopper - more than 80% advertising
Community Newspaper - more than 30% news
Specialty Paper - focusing towards a particular audience of readers
% of Advertising:
% of Editorial:

For more publications please email us their information at

I hereby apply for membership to the Mid-Atlantic Community Papers Association.
I have read and agree to the requirements of membership.

Electronic Signature (type full name): *
Date: *
Sponsoring Member Publications (if applicable):