Bookworm Sez – July Associate Member of the Month

“Mumpsy Goes to Kindergarten.”

That’s the first book I recall loving to the point of wanting to read daily. It was a Mary-Had-a-Little-Lamb-ish tale of a kitten that followed its young mistress to school one day (it was against the rules) and I can still remember rubbing its flocked cover all those years ago. It was a cheap (probably 15¢) Rand McNally kids book and it was undoubtedly the best money my mother ever spent.

The point is that I’ve always been a Bookworm and for as long as I can remember, in every home I’ve occupied, there’s been a shelf (or more) filled with books just a few steps away. I now live with two spoiled Lhasa boys and 14,000 books – the latter of which are because of The Bookworm Sez.

Just about fourteen years ago, my then-husband-now-ex spent a considerable (and exhausting) amount of time telling me how we had “too many books around here.”  As any Bookworm knows, the words “too many” and “books” don’t belong in the same sentence, right?

I was working a full time job then, and a part-time gig at a bookstore, which allowed access to promotional book freebies; you know – the kinds that come to your office sometimes. I quickly understood that they were not merely gifts of goodwill, and I realized that there were more where those came from. That was about the time I saw a Big City article about a woman who was paid to review, and I knew there had to be a way I could do it, too: my “day job” was writing commercials for a radio station group. Why couldn’t I expand what I was doing – if nothing, but for fun?

I started reviewing just for the enjoyment of it and I did a good amount of research, which led to the realization that not everybody used a paid newswire service – and that included most of the continent’s small papers. AHA!  I started making calls and mistakes, learning and absorbing, and I launched The Bookworm Sez.

Not quite two years later, I left my day job.

A few months after that, I left Mr. Too Many Books.

Today, I work with just over 250 newspapers, magazines, and websites (the number varies, depending on deadlines). I read four or five books a week, a mixture of all genres for all ages; I also write for The Grit magazine and I’ve been a contributor to several trivia books. I’m a busy girl.

When you work with me, you work with ME, and I’m passionate about literacy. Ain’t nuthin’ better than getting someone excited about a book (I once hugged a teenager at the bookstore after I heard her sigh, “Oh, I love books SO much!”). But I’m also a lousy cheerleader: if a book isn’t worth reading, I’ll tell you; there’s no sense spending good money on a bad book.

Here’s the best part: YOUR READERS READ!  They do, and you can become a valuable asset for them by giving them great ideas through reviews. Want to get started?  Email me at or call me at 608-782-BOOK.

And in the meantime, Happy Reading!