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Show Your Pride in Your Operation!


by: John Schaffner

In my office, which is probably very much like your office, I have numerous plaques and certificates of recognition for all of our publications. They tend to accumulate over 33 years of community publishing and community service.

Some of the nicest are the awards we have received over the years from MACPA, showing the world just how good our people are that their individual tasks, and how hard they work at those tasks.

We are a family as members of MACPA. We share information freely, we network freely and we take pride in the accomplishments of our peers. But as publishers, we all know that none of our accomplishments can be completed by ourselves. It takes a team of graphics specialists, writers, editors, as well as numerous other contributors that make it possible for us to put forward a comprehensive and cohesive product every week or every month. Yes, we as MACPA publishers are a family. So too are we family with those that make what we do possible…back home.

That is why I encourage all of you to enthusiastically participate in the MACPA Ad & Editorial Awards, the rules and categories for which are part of this communication. There is something there for all of us who take pride in what we do and the difference we make in our individual communities. Great ads, no matter how big or how small, help those small businesses and our communities thrive. Great photography captures the essence of what we do. Great writing, in all its forms, keeps our readers involved. Great promotions are done with a positive purpose in mind and helps promote the communities we serve.

The 2016 MACPA Conference is promoting a “Family” Theme. I’m here to encourage you, the members of the MACPA Family, to share your good ideas and the excellent work of your individual staffs. I know over the years, I have been able to pick up many great ideas that I have been turn into positive promotions back in Ohio. Join us in participating this year for the 2016 MACPA Ad and Editorial Awards.

Download the 2015 Ad, Editorial and Website Rules!
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