2016 Editorial Winners

Category 12 Division 1

1st Place
Gerry Ayers
– Webb Weekly
Many of you are familiar with the 1985 movie The Breakfast Club. It involves five high school students from different walks of life who must endure Saturday detention under the guidance of their principal. Read More

2nd Place
Tim Hartzell – Webb Weekly

I have a little trophy in my attic. It’s in a box labeled “Tim’s Mementos”. The plate on the trophy’s base reads, “Seasonal Champs, Fullerton Little League, Grasshopper Division, 1972”. Read More

3rd Place
Christine Bryant
Columbus Messenger
 Just about an hour north of Columbus is a castle-like structure, with a magnificent combination of architectural styles that are reminiscent of the 18th and 19th centuries. Read More.

Honorable Mention
Ryan Berry
The Early Bird
Have you caught your first Pidgey or Metapod? If you have no idea what those are then you probably aren’t as cool as me. When I say cool what I really mean is nerdy.  Read More.

Honorable Mention
Scott Daniels
AloNovus Corp
This column’s title “We Ate Well and Cheaply” means that I try to present ideas, dishes and ingredients one can use to do just that, without spending a lot of money. We do, however, like to jump on the chance to splurge a little when it appears, or at least invite better-heeled friends to dinner with pricier ingredients in hand. Read More

Category 12 Division 2

1st Place
No Justification
By Steph Nordstrom, Webb Weekly

Two weeks ago I wrote an article about human trafficking.

Last Friday I received a voicemail from a ‘gentleman’ who told me that he appreciated the article. Great right? I thought so; I mean who doesn’t like to have someone compliment their work? Then he kept talking…Read More.

Category 12 Division 3

1st Place
Transgender Bathroom Issue Faced by Greenville City School

By Susan Hartley, The Early Bird

 Posters displayed recently in the halls of Greenville High School are bringing attention to the controversial subject. Read More

2nd Place
Officials Explain Why Hazing Charges is Appropriate

By Susan Hartley, The Early Bird

 Four of six Tri-Village basketball players receiving disciplinary action fr their role in misdemeanor hazing learned Thursday their suspensions will be upheld. Read More

2nd Place
Drug Epidemic

We cannot arrest our way out of this
By Jasmine Cupp, The Beacon

“In my 34 years in law enforcement I have never seen anything like this heroin and opiate addiction,” said Ottawa County Sheriff Steve Levorchick at the Community Substance Abuse Awareness Forum Sunday, October 23, at Oak Harbor High School. Read More

3rd Place
Frank Girardi to Received the Ultimate Honor

by Jamie Spenser, Webb Weekly

The legendary football coach was at home. It was a Friday but he wasn’t expecting anything from the norm. No major plans. He didn’t even question a small FedEx package that showed up at the door. Coach simply opened it to find a bubble wrapped football that read, “Congratulations. You have been selected to the College Football Hall of Fame.” Then the phone rang. And it hasn’t stopped since. Read More

Honorable Mention
Mayor Considers Veto of Pet Bill

By Andrea Cordle, Columbus Messenger
After months of debate and emotional testimony, Grove City Council approved legislation to restrict the sale of companion animals. However, the final vote may not have been the end of the issue. Grove City Mayor Richard “Ike” Stage said he would not sign the ordinance and he will consider a veto. Read More

Category 12 Division 4

1st Place
Riding from Coast to Coast

by Dedra Cordle, Columbus Messenger

 In the early morning hours of April 2, friends Terry Cunningham and Mark Ballock walked their touring bikes to the shoreline of Santa Monica and dipped their wheels into the Pacific Ocean. Read More

2nd Place
‘It was a dream come true!’

By Kristy Zurbrick, Columbus Messenger
Lorraine and Roy Klingberg each grew up within walking distance of Wrigley Field, Lorraine a block away and Roy five blocks away. Their memories as Chicago Cubs fans run deep. Read More

3rd Place
Arcanum Eases Coach’s “Worst Nightmare”

by Gaylen Blosser, The Early Bird

The Cedarville Lady Indians were staring certain defeat at the hands of the Catholic Central Lady Irish in round of OHSAA Sectional Volleyball tournament held in the Arcanum gymnasium without stepping foot on the volleyball court. Read More

Honorable Mention

Retirement Community Honors Canine Visitor With Party
By Francine Fulton, Engle Publishing Company
While the guest of honor slept comfortably in the lap of one of the senior residents, the birthday party continued for Bear, a 7-year-old Maltese, Pomeranian and poodle mix who is a friendly visitor at the Zerbe Retirement Community in Narvon. Read More