Conference Incentive Information

ConferenceIncentivepictureLet us explain: The reduction of advertisers in the network has created the opportunity for the Conference Committee to become a bit creative.

We have a win-win-win incentive for stay at the Conference! A win for the advertiser because they save money and market their business through our publications. A win because you get to earn your night’s stay at the Conference. A win for the Association because we generate more revenue from the sale of the ads and continue to provide Membership Benefits like the Annual Conference and Circulation Audits.


Here’s how it works:

For every ad placed in the network regardless of the type of network ad it is (classified, 2×2, display, or insert) or the area it is in (full, east, central, west and any of our MicroNets), you earn $25 off the price of your stay at the Conference. So, for instance, we have an eight-week special for any of the networks where the customer buys 5 weeks and 3 weeks are FREE. When you sell one of the “8 Week Specials” the advertiser pays for 5 weeks and you earned one night’s stay. If they stay in the network for another eight-week special (which most times that happens) you now earned your weekend’s stay. All you need is 2!

Can I use my night's stays for multiple rooms?
Yes! If you have other people from your office that you want to bring and you have enough nights stay to get more than one room you may use them towards other rooms! There is no limit on how many nights you can earn!
How will I receive the credit?
You will put the room on your credit card and when you receive your final bill from the hotel there will be a credit on your bill. The only thing you need to pay for are incidentals!
Can I sell one ad here and one ad there in any of the networks for me to qualify?
Yes! For every classified or 2×2 ad you sell in the network you earn a $25 credit. Please note if you sell the Buy 5 get 3 FREE special “8 Week Special” you will automatically get a FREE nights stay and the weeks will not qualify as an additional $25 credit.
Where can I find information on the networks?
Right on this page! At the end of the page are separate whitepage sell sheets for each of the networks. Should you have any questions or need additional information please contact the office at 1-800-450-6631.
I always find it difficult to explain the network to my advertisers. Is there any information and help for me to sell the ad myself?
Yes! We can provide face-to-face training at our office in Shoemakersville. Just schedule a time with Alyse at 1-800-450-6631. We are also providing teleconference training. Watch The Messenger for details on the training days. We want you to feel comfortable selling the network. We have also created whitepage sell sheets for all the networks which is available for you to give to potential clients.
I don't have the time to sell an advertiser on the idea of going into the network. Can the office help?
Yes! Refer an advertiser to the MACPA office and they will do the selling for you. When an advertiser successfully places an ad into the network with the “8 Week Special”, you earn the $25 towards the free room for the 5 weeks and a one night’s stay at the Conference. Sorry no commission on referral ads.
Is there a deadline on the incentive program?
The incentive program will run from March 20, 2017 through January 1, 2018.


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