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Who are we

About Mid-Atlantic Community Papers

macpalogoSome facts about our members:

The MACPA readers “mirror” the markets they live in as can be seen by the statistics collected by Circulations Verifications Council.

• Age : Strength of readership is in the 25-74 year old categories. Readers tend to begin to read our publications when they consider: buying a car, getting married, buying houses, and having children. Our publications draw young people into community interest also into reading free community papers.

• Income: Strength of readership is in the $25,000-$99,000 household income categories. Slight losses in readership appear in $100M-$150M with true loses in readership in the under $25M and over $150M categories.

• Educational Attainment: Strength of readership is in the high school to four-year degree educational attainment segments with measurable losses in less than high school attainment and slight losses in post graduate degree attainment.

Our Members

New Jersey

Hometown Publishing

Life & Leisure

MJ Media LLC

South Jersey Journal

Today’s Shopper, LLC


West Virginia

Click here to see our current CVC audit for complete details.

Download our white sheet for a quick overview of the Association.

Interested in joining MACPA?

If you are a publisher who derives at least 75 percent or more of your publication revenue from free-circulation papers, we’d like to hear from you.

Please review our membership requirements to find out more.

Presidents’ Hall of Honor
1955 -1971 President Unknown
1971-1973 Charley Engle
1973-1978 Don Thwaits
1978-1982 (Fall)  Marge Johnson
1983 (Spring) – 1986 George Kapp
1986-1988 (Fall) Frank Hutchison
1988 (Fall) – 1991 (Spring) Bob Daye
1991 (Spring) – 1992 Paul Verna
1992-1993 Steve Hively
Max Oberdorf
1993-1996 Jim Snyder
1996-1999 George Mitten
1999-2001 Rick Heckman
2008-2010 Robert Christian
2010-2012 Jeff Hayden
2012-2014 Seth Isenberg
2014-2015 Randy Miller
2015-Present Ron Burke